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Team "U" Life Coaching Programs/Sessions & Workshops! For more details reach out to me at the Contact Page - looking forward to working with YOU! 

Brad Richard

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Life coaching for men, women & children! All areas of life, career, family & spirituality!

I offer many choices and programs to suit your needs, dreams & goals! Life Purpose, Co-Dependency, Self Parenting, Goal Setting, Happiness, Responsibility, Becoming the Leader of Team "U" - Learning to Love Your Little Me!

Review my Life Coaching Session rates and coaching packages I offer at Fiverr OR Koachee! Book your FREE 20 minute POWER session and Let's Do This!


I've launched my NEW Video Course - "Your Little Me! - Who Were You?"

A Nine Step course to walk you through your journey back to childhood. Revisiting your childhood will not be easy and for some, it may be painful, no worries - I will be with you, we will do this together.  Your Passion, Your Light, Your Goals & Dreams all live in the past and we will bring all of them forward to move on with Your Perfect Life!

Are you living your dreams? Is your past working against you? What has happened to your spark, vision & childhood enthusiasm?

Before starting course, please download the FREE Worksheet/Handout below:


Are you a Veteran? Ask me how to get either course FREE!

Available NOW @

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What's Important to YOU?

Tell Us About Your Favorite Charity!

Let's help together! With the purchase of any course, send us an email & share your charity name! We'll send 50% of your purchase price to them in Your Name! - Email: - You'll receive confirmation of Donation! 


New Audio Course Now Available !

Download FREE Worksheet & Learn 9 Steps

to change your LIFE!


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Member of the Military Veteran Peer Network!

Book Your Personal 1 on 1 Mentoring Session with me Today & Let's Get Started!

Download FREE Worksheet, email me for available times, pick date & time, pay for session! That's It - 1 hour session - $99.00 / 50% off
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FREE 20 Minute 1 on 1 Session!

Send me an email or leave me a voice message to schedule your FREE 20 Minute 1 on 1 Mentoring Session!

FREE Downloadable Worksheet/Handout -  9 Step Outline to a New Life! 



by Rudyard Kipling

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Karen Skarra - 06/23/20

"I really enjoyed our chat today! Made not only my day but probably made my entire recovery feel like it was worth the tough times. No one not even myself has been able to do that. Thank you so much Brad!"

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