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Episode #45, Special Guest, Annemarie Matulis, A Voice at the Table!

Updated: May 22, 2021

Join us for an amazing interview with the founder of "A Voice at the Table!" Annemarie Matulis is a survivor of childhood trauma and adult domestic violence and has spent 35 years balancing careers in the public, private and non-profit sectors including domestic violence, substance misuse and suicide prevention. With decades of experience as a community activist, advocate and organizer, she is a recognized change agent within public health in the United States. Emotionally impacted by the suicidal crisis of a mentee, she co-founded, with that mentee Tracey Medeiros, A Voice at the Table, a grassroots, soul-care movement for the family/friends emotionally impacted by the suicidal crises of a loved one. An educator, trainer, curriculum developer, Matulis sits on the Executive Committee of the American Association of Suicidology (AAS). She is the Director of the AAS Impacted Family & Friends Division and member of the newly created Lived Experience Advisory Committee for the US national Suicide Prevention Resource Center ( Matulis is producer of two documentaries A Voice at the Table (2014) and Voices Still Unheard (2016) which are focused on suicide attempt survivors and their impacted families. In 2013/2014, she co-developed a psych-educational, wellness check workshop series for attempt & loss survivors further along the recovery path, Re-Energize & Re-Connect, and a retreat workshop series for the impacted family, Finding Inner Peace. These were developed to help fill the vacuum of protective factor resources. This project has continued to grow and expand. Annemarie Matulis: Executive Committee, American Association of Suicidology (AAS) Director, AAS Impacted Family & Friends Division Co-Founder, A Voice at the Table - a national movement for family & friends impacted by a loved one's suicidal experiences (AVATT) Executive Committee, Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention (MCSP) Member, International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) Suicide prevention, intervention & postvention educator & trainer, certified grief facilitator, author, documentary producer, public speaker ************************ Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee: YouTube: Manat50 School: Website:

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