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Episode #53 - Special Guest, Eric Winters, Author of the book "Swipe Right on Your Best Self!"

Join us for this inspiring episode with Eric Winters on Authenticity!

Eric is a self-leadership coach, black-belt hand-washer, speaker, and author with deep knowledge in the science of building courageous and emotionally intelligent mindsets. His know-how is a result of over 20 years of

international corporate life, two masters degrees in human behavior change, and over 12 years helping leaders and their teams become their best selves to meet workplace challenges effectively.

He spends much of his time developing authentically courageous leadership through keynotes, workshops, and individual coaching.

Eric is the author of Swipe Right on Your Best Self: simple steps to a bolder life with fewer regrets. Connect with Eric online at the links below:






Your Host - Brad Richard

Scars & Stripes Coffee:


Manat50 School:


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