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Episode #69 - A Conversation with Dr. Rebecca Siegel & Bryan Buckley about PTSD During May:

Dr. Rebecca Siegel is a clinical psychiatrist and author of the newly published book, The Brain on Cannabis: What You Should Know

about Recreational and Medical Marijuana, a comprehensive and myth-busting guide on marijuana use and its effects on the brain. The book also addresses how to effectively talk to young people about recreational marijuana use based on her work as a physician who specializes in the assessment and treatment of anxiety, mood disorders, and ADHD.

In the book, Dr. Siegel reviews the full spectrum of marijuana’s benefits and risks and debunks myths surrounding cannabis and explores the promises and risks of its many therapeutic possibilities. She thoughtfully investigates the potential downsides of cannabis, particularly with regards to brain health referencing The Amen Clinics' brain SPECT imaging studies. Siegel opens each chapter with an overview of contradictory marijuana myths (i.e., “The Myth of Harmlessness: Teens won’t be adversely affected by marijuana use / The Myth of Harmfulness: My teen will be irreparably harmed by marijuana use in the short-term and the long-term”), and concludes with her observations as a doctor, as well a conclusion of “What We Know for Sure.”

Bryan Buckley, President and CEO

As a Special Operations Team Commander with Marine Raiders, Bryan led multiple teams in deployments to Operation Enduring Freedom-Trans Sahara (Africa), South East Asia, and Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan (Helmand Province). Developed rapport with numerous host nation forces, enhanced capability and capacity within the host nation units, and briefed US Ambassadors. Additionally, he led a 20 man Marine Raider Team to Afghanistan that mentored, trained and conducted over 40 combat operations with an Afghan Special Operations Battalion. Bryan also deployed twice to Operation Iraqi Freedom with Marine Infantry and Marine Reconnaissance.

Awarded Bronze Star Medal with “Combat Distinguishing Device” for Heroic Service

Awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds received during combat operations

About Battle Brothers Foundation:

Founded in 2016 by U.S. Special Operations Marine Raider, Bryan Buckley, Battle Brothers Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization that empowers veterans through community-based personal development, economic upward mobility, and progressive medical treatments to better their lives and the lives of their families. The organization is currently looking for people striving to make a difference in a veteran’s life by pledging a donation or joining their team of volunteers.

About HVGC:

HVGC was founded by three United States Special Operations Veterans (Marine Raiders). Since its inception, HVGC has been in discussions with some of the cannabis industry’s top researchers and has developed a veteran based protocol to effectively prove the benefits of medical cannabis. HVGC is developing medical cannabis-based solutions to address symptoms of PTS, the opioid and suicide epidemic that plague U.S. veterans and society as a whole. In coordination with Battle Brothers Foundation, 100% of HVGC’s profits goes toward medical cannabis research.


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