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Nataly Restokian, Author & Inspirational Speaker 

The story of a man born and living in USA. It is one of the few stories that makes us see the world of an American boy who is though born in a country where most think that it is the land of all opportunities, however his emotional & social status describe the pain that Robert the protagonist lives and strives in his life. The voice of the author is so clear in the story as his emotions and honest feelings are poured generously in every page, on every line interpreting the struggle of a man who laughs, desires, forgives, forgets and rises back on his own feet and follows his path to reach happiness. I advice women to read this story because, in a world where we as women are suffering, this book would open a window to the world of men who suffer too when they are honest and in the quest of true love, also men should read it in order to see the difference between superiority complex and self-recognition. The book shows that chivalrous men still exist in this monstrous world. In the end stories as such inspire readers that regardless our species we suffer yet we can find happiness. I give the book four stars.

Mary Rogers - Host of the Experience 50 Podcast

5.0 out of 5 stars - Kick in the pants

Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2020

Format: Kindle Edition

This is not a typical midlife crisis self-help publication. The author tells his personal story and respects the reader's ability to glean the lessons from his experience of "waking up" at 50. If you are looking for the motivation to honestly take responsibility for your life, this will be a great kick in the pants. When I received this book, I sat down to just skim it. Two hours later, I turned the last page and thought, "Wow".  Disclosure: I received a media preview copy of this book from the author.


Karen Skarra - 06/23/20

"I really enjoyed our chat today! Made not only my day but probably made my entire recovery feel like it was worth the tough times. No one not even myself has been able to do that. Thank you so much Brad!"

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